State-of-the-art technologies for the new future of work

With the disruptions brought about by the global pandemic, businesses are propelled to adapt digital solutions, embrace a more agile work setups, and adhere to more efficient new ways of working. In its thrust to make a positive impact on every single business, PLDT Enterprise is constantly exploring and creating innovative technologies that will pave the way for enterprises to pivot towards success in the new future of work.

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With today's complex business landscape requiring sophisticated, customized solutions, ePLDT Inc. introduces its latest pillar called ePLDT Operations Center to help enterprises simplify IT management and heighten their cybersecurity defenses.

Included under this pillar is ePLDT's holistic Managed Operations Center which aims to solve and simplify the complex challenges of enterprises in managing and operating their IT infrastructure. With this service, ePLDT provides enterprises with state-of-the-art technologies and skilled resources to deliver critical IT support on a subscription basis.

ePLDT also delivers best-in-class Cyber Security services that allow local businesses to redefine their cyber defenses against a wide range of cyber threats. Its cyber security experts monitor the Security Operations Center 24/7 to predict cyber threats, detect suspicious behavior, and react to any deviant activity to ensure the operational continuity of businesses.

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PLDT and Smart - together with Nokia - is set to build Smart IoT Platform -- the first of its kind for enterprises in the Philippines. This platform aims to help businesses easily deploy IoT services and solutions to manage their connected devices for growth opportunities in the future.

With its newfound capability, PLDT Enterprise intends to scale its current LTE based IoT offerings. This platform will also enable their customers, to explore and deploy 5G based IoT solutions, on Smart’s 5G network — which is on a virtualized core network, and deployed on a software-defined transport network, launched earlier this year. This IoT initiative is part of PLDT’s strategy in building a complete 5G ecosystem.

This enables PLDT to deliver the next generation digital services like Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhancing the IoT solutions, at a faster and more cost-effective manner. Now, with the platform being available for 5G IoT use cases, customers can opt for different combinations of ultra-low latency, high security, and enhanced throughput based services—fortifying the group’s commitment to provide critical public services, real-time industrial monitoring and control, as well as remote healthcare.

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5G technology is the next generation of wireless connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable internet connections to allow Smart Postpaid and Smart Infinity subscribers get the most from their gadgets, maximize their productivity, and level up their lifestyle.

With Smart Postpaid for Enterprise, businesses and entrepreneurs are assured that their mobile internet connection can keep up with their hectic work demands. With Smart 5G, subscribers can enjoy the fastest and most reliable mobile internet connection to date needed for work collaboration and productivity.

Moreover, with the super-fast data service of Smart 5G, users can watch and stream their favorite videos on their device’s maximum mobile resolution uninterruptedly—without experiencing any lag or buffering. For example, Smart 5G also lets subscribers to download a 20-minute episode of their favorite TV shows in just seconds.

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BEYOND FIBER is an all-in-one digital solution that will enable businesses of any size with curated digital tools and Wifi fit for enterprise - all anchored on business-grade fiber. It redefines business burst speeds providing a bandwidth of up to 50 MBPS with an enhanced service promise: to give a minimum of 90% of subscribed bandwidth at 90% service reliability. That is 3x the minimum bandwidth activity offered today.

For offices and stores, BEYOND FIBER provides dual Wi-Fi networks—one for work and one for guests—to enhance and secure the in-store connections. Relevant business tools for scheduling online appointments via Microsoft 365’s Bookings app, accepting online payments via Paymaya Business and protecting work devices via ePLDT’s Endpoint Advanced Security (EAS) are available as add-ons.

For telecommute or work-from-home arrangements, BEYOND FIBER gives businesses the much needed reliable fiber connection plus secure wi-fi to enforce corporate network policies for employees. Moreover, businesses can also leverage on other service add-ons of BEYOND FIBER such as productivity and collaboration tools via Microsoft 365, protecting work devices via ePLDT’s Endpoint Advanced Security, and next level telecommuting via managed Cisco Meraki Z3 devices.