Leading the pack for this year's roster are Metrobank Founder and Group Chairman George S.K. Ty, the first-ever recipient of the MVP Bossing Lifetime Achievement Award, and A. Magsaysay Inc.’s President and CEO Doris Magsaysay–Ho, Grand MVP Bossing.

Dr. George S.K. Ty

2018 MVP Bossing Lifetime Achievement Awardee

George Ty did not have an easy start in life.

Shortly after he was born, his family emigrated from Hong Kong to Tondo and built a family flour business. Their business went through difficult times so he turned to banks for assistance, but almost all banks turned him down, except for one who took risk and gave him a loan.

More than providing means to keep his flour business afloat, this occurrence proved fortuitous because it opened the door for him to venture into banking.

At just 29 years old, he opened Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co in Binondo—now known as Metrobank.

Since then, for nearly sixty years, Metrobank has become the premier universal bank and among the foremost financial institutions in the Philippines. Eventually it expanded globally. The Metrobank Group diversified into different industries and has had successful and fruitful joint ventures.

It is an institution built on trust, led by its founder, who gave everything in the pursuit of his ambitions, and faced challenges and change head-on with determination and grit.

Ty passed away on November 23, 2018.

Doris Magsaysay-Ho

2018 MVP Grand Bossing

Doris Magsaysay-Ho's journey began in 1948, when her father and uncle took three US Navy vessels and started a shipping company. Today, that company is known as A. Magsaysay Inc.

The daughter of Robert Ho and Anita Magsaysay, she spent most of her life living abroad—from South America, Asia and the United States. But at 29 years old, she returned to the Philippines and took over the family business.

From there, that company would become not just an internationally renowned organization, but more importantly, a catalyst for the betterment of the lives of millions of Filipinos.

Under her leadership, she grew her company to unprecedented heights within the transport and logistics industry. They expanded into business process outsourcing, insurance brokerage and travel.

But more than anything, her great mission is the empowerment and enrichment of people.

Since the 1990s, A Magsaysay Inc. has trained and equipped millions of Filipinos through the Magsaysay Training Center, enabling them with specialized learning and internationally-recognized accreditation.

A celebrated visionary and leader, her insights have helped guide heads-of-state not just in the Philippines, but all over the world.