9 Things We’re Grateful For in 2018

In celebration of PLDT’s 90th anniversary and in the spirit of the holidays, we highlight nine things we’re thankful for. On to the next!

1. The launch of Fearless

The 4th Philippine Digital Convention became a platform for the group to launch its banner campaign for 2018—Be Fearless—the driving force that fueled PLDT Enterprise’s vision. The year-long message of fearlessness aimed to inspire customers and partners to make bolder business decisions especially in the context of a rapidly evolving digital world.

2. The suite of cybersecurity solutions

As the Philippines continues to cement itself as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, it also increasingly becomes a primary target for cyber-attacks. As such, 2018 became a definitive year for ePLDT to launch its suite of cybersecurity solutions for safer, more technologically adept businesses. As part of its campaign, the brand invited the World’s Most Famous Hacker, Kevin Mitnick, who gained notoriety in the 90s as one of FBI’s most wanted for hacking over 40 top US corporations during The Hacker’s Code event in Shangri-La the Fort. Mitnick’s keynote speech was insightful and inspiring as he told guests, "You can have the best technology, computers in the world, but if your users are fooled, then it’s game over.”

3. Expansive partnerships with ngena, Zenlayer for SD-WAN

The group successfully launched SD-WAN technology—or software-defined wide-area network technology—the next generation of managed data services that promise to give customers more control over their business. Branch heavy industries like banking and finance, as well as the retail industry, can now rely on SD-WAN to improve their data uptime and upkeep.

This year, PLDT Enterprise joined the international software-defined network alliance, Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance (ngena), cementing its status as the number one provider of fully managed global SD-WAN services for enterprises in the Philippines. On top of this partnership, the Enterprise group likewise forged relationships with global players like Zenlayer to ensure top-of-the-line services for its customers.

4. The slew of awards from OpenSignal

Smart raked in several awards from OpenSignal in 2018, including the lowest latency in 3G, the fastest download speeds in 4G, and the fastest download speeds overall. The cherry on top of the cake, however, was winning the best video experience overall.

5. Major wins for ePLDT’s Cloud Solutions

2018 was a big year for ePLDT as it was recognized as one of the top Cloud Solutions Providers in 2018 by APAC CIO Outlook. This year, ePLDT was also awarded as Cisco’s Tier 2 Partner of the Year, and Dell’s Tier 2 Partner of the Year. Closed deals for the year included Pascual Laboratories, Happy Skin Cosmetics, and SPi Global, among many others.

6. The new partnership with Google Station

Recently, Smart Wifi joined hands with Google to bring free internet services to the Philippines, allowing even more Filipinos access to world-class Wi-Fi connectivity. With PLDT and Smart similarly advocating to provide connectivity to all Filipinos nationwide, the partnership seemed only fitting. Powered by Smart Wifi’s nationwide infrastructure, users will soon be able to enjoy better connectivity as Smart Wifi will aggressively expand its footprint throughout the country.

7. The relaunch of HOT JOE

What started as a printed publication, HOT JOE cut through the noise and gave readers an incisive look into best practices, technology updates, industry events and the latest news for enterprises of all sizes. This year, HOT JOE was given a new home—online—where it could be accessed by even more readers, anytime and anywhere.

8. Bagging awards at the MEF in California

PLDT Enterprise once again took home major awards— the Retail Service Provider of the Year and the Best Network and Service Innovation for Asia Pacific—at the Metro Ethernet Forum in Los Angeles, California in October. Such laurels underscore our unwavering dedication to provide our customers with world-class services and technologies.

9. 100,000 MSMEs by 2019

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, there were over 900,000 MSMEs across the Philippines in 2016, which generated over 7 million jobs for Filipinos across key industries such as wholesale and retail trade, food and accommodation, manufacturing, information and communication, and the financial sector, among others.

2018 saw the group expand its services by enabling the MSME sector with enterprise-grade services that allow them to be competitive. By 2019, the group aims to empower 100,000 MSMEs in line with the greater goal of economic and digital inclusivity for all businesses—regardless of size.