The 2 Mobile Plans Every Executive Needs Right Now

Ready to make the upgrade?

Managing teams and offices from different locations. Making quick decisions left and right. Traveling to different parts of the world. The life of an executive can be pretty hectic, and being connected 24/7 is a top priority. Fortunately, Smart Infinity re-introduced its premium mobile plans that suit every executive’s need for high-level connectivity, all while providing other great perks and privileges.

The Limitless Plan

Whether you choose the Limitless Plan 3500, 5000, or 8000, executives can opt for a premium device, all while enjoying non-stop surfing. Customers under the 5000 and 8000 plan can likewise make unlimited calls and texts to all networks, plus, unlimited landline calls. Best of all? For Plan 8000, customers have a consumable allocation for roaming, IDD, and apps.

The Traveler Plan

The Traveler Plan, on the other hand, covers connection needs for executives on the go. They can enjoy full flexibility, both locally and abroad, with non-stop surfing and set amount of texts to all networks. Subscribers can likewise choose from the Traveler Plan 3500, 5000, and 8000—and can opt for a premium device, too.

Smart Infinity plans come with amazing perks to make executives’ lives easier. They can enjoy the services of a personal relationshipaccount manager who can attend to all their membership-related concerns. Executives also get priority assistance for account concerns thanks to a dedicated 24/7 hotline. Plus, subscribers can enjoy priority handling at Smart Stores nationwide, and a worldwide concierge to assist them wherever they are.

Through the MVP Rewards Program, Smart Infinity subscribers can also link their PLDT Home, TNT, Sun and Smart accounts and earn points by simply paying their bills on time and in full. Points are then automatically credited to their rewards card through PayMaya, making these points as good as cash.

If that’s not enough to make you upgrade, Smart Infinity Plan holders get special discounts from select premium partners, such as CATS Motors Inc., The House of Laurel, Pacific Global One, Samsung Philippines, The Aivee Group, The Farm at San Benito, Aspire Lifestyles, Focus Athletics, and Pacsports, as well as invites to exclusive Smart Infinity events.

To know more about Smart Infinity plans, visit https://smart.com.ph/Infinity/plans.