Letter from the Editor


Recently, our Chairman and CEO MVP unveiled a statue called “Above the Clouds” in front of our Makati office. It shows a warrior facing off against himself, a representation of the internal battle within us as we go through life’s challenges, and how we seek to overcome them.

This sculpture also speaks volumes about the power of Fear. Fear is an overwhelming and an all-consuming emotion. But responding to fear is a reminder of what we’re capable of—and how we deal with it is a success in itself.

Science teaches us that when we’re confronted with physical or physiological stress, our brains are wired to respond in either two ways: Fight or Flight. That same principle applies to how we deal with difficulties at PLDT Enterprise. Only, instead of choosing to flee, we always prepare to fight.

Thus, HOT JOE’s first online issue carries the theme Be Fearless for good reason. Following our year-long hiatus, we’ve taken the bold move of bringing our business lifestyle publication to life once more, placing it online, where it’s even more accessible to our readers.

In this issue, I reintroduce to you The Fearless Leadership Team, the men and women who spearhead PLDT Enterprise’s bold innovations, services, and products that could revolutionize how your enterprise conducts business in the modern age. What keeps you up at night keeps them up at night, and they are a true representation of how we’ve tirelessly and relentlessly pushed for your best interests above anything else.

In our Partner Feature section, we sit down with Margot Torres, EVP & Deputy Managing Director of McDonald’s Philippines; Lorraine Belo-Cincochan, CEO of Wilcon; and Richard & Michelle Santiago, owners of Ineng’s Special BBQ—as they share how they’ve have successfully offered their customers convenience and flexibility through digital adoption.

In The Next Big Thing, we feature the brave new technologies that are transforming how we do business in the Philippine landscape, like SD-WAN Technology, our suite of cybersecurity offerings, and the newly launched VITRO Cebu 2 in Mandaue City. All these stories include exclusive video interviews to make your HOT JOE experience even more enjoyable, interactive, and seamless.

Our Events section is packed with rich photos from events you might have missed, such as the Philippine Digital Convention 2018, 2018 PLDT Track Day, the MVP Bossings Banquet, and The Hacker's Code, where we invited the World's Most Famous Hacker Kevin Mitnick to Philippine shores.

There are many other sections and articles which I am excited to show you, but for now, I will leave you to experience them on your own. I hope the stories we’ve curated inspire you to be Fearless in whatever endeavor you find yourself in.

Welcome to HOT JOE online.