Special Feature: The Philippine Digital Convention 2019

This is The Edge

About #PHDigicon2019

Now on its fifth year, the Philippine Digital Convention 2019 is one of the country's biggest business and technology conferences. Attended by almost 2,000 delegates across several industries, from over 680 enterprises, the convention seeks to connect key decision-makers with thought leaders and pioneers in technology.

Among this year’s main highlights include The Plenary Session, headlined by motivational speaker and bestselling author Erik “Equalman” Qualman; The Digital Grounds, an experiential and immersive journey through time and space; and The Industry Breakout Sessions, a series of deep-dive workshops conducted by sector leaders and expert analysts.

About the Theme

This year's Philippine Digital Convention 2019 welcomes delegates to The Edge, a place where crazy happens. The Edge brings guests to a place outside of their usual limits where they can break boundaries and push the limits even further.

In the business and tech world, being safe is never an option, but taking risks is scary. But how do you know which risks are worth taking?

Before The Edge