Special Feature: The Philippine Digital Convention 2019

The Plenary Session

When the digital world has become infinitely complex, it is equally important for enterpises to equip themselves with the know-how to move forward—fast. This year's plenary touches on leadership in the digital age and the role of carriers in the age of disruption. Can traditional business wisdom and accumen prepare enterprises for the future?

Jovy Hernandez


SVP and Head, PLDT & Smart Enterprise Business Groups

"Connectedness, mobility, security. Ultimately, these three things lead us to the fourth edge—the agile future—which happens when man and machine can symbiotically work together. When man can truly accept that he can work with and rely on machines."

Manuel V. Pangilinan


Chairman and CEO, PLDT & Smart

"The barriers to entry into our industry have come down to the point where practically anyone with the brain and stomach for it can join the market and disrupt it. In addition, we all know that technology can accelerate the pace of change and with each step forward, it has brought us to the edge. There are no more incumbents in the business, and dominance is slowly receding into irrelevance. That’s how risky our business has become."

Fuad Siddiqui


Senior Partner, Nokia Bell Labs

"Foundational to all our futures, networking technologies and 5G in particular will be important. These technologies are going to do profoundly important things for us—with humanity and for humanity—and hopefully, convince you that the world we’re entering is a very exciting and exhilarating world, where networks are going to be key to drive transformation. Once we understand that, I think all policy regulations, spectrum choices, infrastructure use, investments, new business models all follow from there."

Naveen Menon


President, CISCO Systems Southeast Asia

"We’re trying to connect any user to any device to any network to any application. That’s how we think about bridging very lofty goals to actually improving the way we live, work, play, and learn. It’s a multi-domain architecture, and this requires a lot of success factors. You need five edges. The first one, you need a technology edge. You have to have intellectual property that can actually differentiate you versus your competitor. Secondly, you need an edge of security, because it is very critical for the future. Thirdly, we need an edge around analytics. The fourth is on partnerships, and the fifth is on talent."

Erik "Equalman" Qualman


Motivational speaker and #1 bestselling author

"What’s preventing a team from taking action? The number one reason is that they are afraid to fail. But it’s all about that failure—that’s how you learn. But the key is you have to fail fast, fail forward, fail better."

The Digital Grounds